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What is the Most Rational Conclusion of a Resurrected Jesus?
Are there Inconsistencies Between the Four Gospels?
Did Jesus Physically Appear or Was He a Vision?
Is there a Case for the Resurrection of Jesus?
Did People Really See Jesus After the Resurrection?
What Type of Literature Are the Gospels?
What Do Scholars Believe About the Resurrection of Jesus?
Did Simon Peter Invent the Resurrection?
What is the Personal Impact for the Resurrection?
Did Jesus Die and Was He Buried as Christians Claim?
Did Early Jews Understand Scriptures to Claim an Empty Tomb?
How were People Effected Afer Seeing Jesus Resurrected Body?
Did God Raise Jesus from the Dead?
Dealing with Christian Doubt
Are There Logical Reasons to Believe that God Exists?
Is the Universe Too Precise to Be Randomly Formed?
Can the World Have Morals Without a God?
Do Pain and Suffering Disprove God's Existence?
Can A "Beginning-less Universe" Exist?
Does the Nature of the Universe Argue for God?
What Properties Must the Cause of the Universe Have?
Has God Revealed Himself Personally to Creation?
Can You Argue Against the Case for Atheism?
Can Good Come From Suffering and Evil?
William Lane Craig on Scientific Naturalism
William Lane Craig on the "God of the Gaps" argument
The Mystery of the Trinity (1 of 2)
The Mystery of the Trinity (2 of 2)
Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
Can All Religions Be True?
Did Jesus Claim to Be God in His Teachings?
Did Jesus Claim to Be God in His Actions?
How do Muslims Conceive of God?
How do Muslims Conceive of Jesus?
Is the Muslim Conception of God Logically Valid?
Who Designed the Designer?: a response to Richard Dawkins
When and How Did the Universe Begin?
What Are the Requirements of the Big Bang Theory?
Where do Objective Morals Originate in the Universe?
Could the Universe Come from Nothing?
How Does Jesus Help Prove to the Existence of God?
Is there Good Evidence for Atheism?
God's Opinion vs Human Opinion
Could God's nature bring a different standard of morality?
Absolute certainty of God's morality
On God Belief and the Nature of Science
Evolution Proves God's Existence
Is Nature all There is?: Craig vs Shook
Euthyphro Dilemma
Can there be Objective Morality outside of God?
Can you disprove a Universal Negative?
Are Humans Special?
Is Religion a Good Thing?
On Moral Experience
Does Evolution Disprove God's Existence?
Evolution Proves God's Existence - better quality
Atheism and the meaning of Life: Cooke vs Craig
Christianity and the Age of the Earth
Why would God allow Evil and Suffering?
The New Atheists are Not Intellectually Bright
The REAL Definition of Atheism
Is God Hardwired into Your Brain?
What Caused God?
The Justification of Atheism: Lewis Wolpert vs William Lane Craig
Are We a Part of Parallel Universes?
Atheism Undermines Science
Atheism and Morality: William Lane Craig vs Lewis Wolpert
Isn't God no Better than the Flying Spaghetti Monster? or a 'Special Computer'?
Do Atheists Believe We're NOTHING?
Scientific Naturalism Refutes Itself
Should We Believe Only What Can Be Scientifically Proven?
If Eveything Needed a Creator, Then Who Created God?
How Vastly Different are Man and Animals?
Bart D. Ehrman's Error and Blunder
Did Jesus Exist? And is Josephus a Reliable Source?
Is the Universe Infinite?
The "scholarship" of Richard Carrier
Dealing with Christopher Hitchens
Will Richard Dawkins debate William Lane Craig?
Why Are Atheists So Boring?
Is God a Psychological Projection?
What is the Psychology Behind a "Lack of Belief in God"?
Can God Create a Rock So Heavy He Can't Lift It?
Is God Lonely?
How can God be all Just and all Forgiving at the same time?
Don't Virtual Particles Prove Something Can Come From Nothing?
William Lane Craig's View on Creation and Evolution
Attacking William Lane Craig
Is the big bang compatible with the book of Genesis?
William Lane Craig on Dan Barker and Sam Harris
William Lane Craig on Humanistic Morality
Christians Give MORE to Charity than Atheists
William Lane Craig on Daniel Dennett and the Cosmological argument
William Lane Craig on Richard Dawkins and the Cosmological argument
William Lane Craig's Debate Resume
Richard Dawkins and Fascism
Richard Dawkins and Child Abuse
Richard Dawkins and Religious Child Abuse
Is Christianity a White Man's Religion?
The magic and miracle of atheism
Richard Dawkins Cowers Away from William Lane Craig
Quantum physics proves something came from nothing!
Victor Stenger's false theory of time
Is evolution compatible with God's existence?
What Caused God?
Isn't it unscientific to posit God at the beginning of the universe?
Are there historical documentations of Jesus outside the Bible?
If an actual infinite doesn't exist, then how can God exist?
What is the Significance of Jesus' Resurrection?
What did the Jews at the time believe about a physical resurrection?
Why did the Christian movement come into being?
What Evidence is there for the Empty Tomb of Jesus?
What is the evidence that Jesus apeared alive after His death?
Was Jesus' Postmortem Appearance Hallucinations?
Do other New Testament writers confirm the Evangelists?
Did Jesus physically or spiritually rise from the dead?
What about one's presupposition about Jesus' resurrection?
What is the personal significance of Jesus' resurrection?
Does Science Prove Atheism?
Hilbert's Hotel and Infinity
Science and Religion: Cognitive Faculties, Evolution, and Naturalism
Science and Religion: Motion and Causes
Science and Religion: Empirical Verification and God
Science and Religion: Many Worlds Hypothesis and Quantum Mechanics
What about Multiverses and Parallel Universes due to Chance?
Is naturalism the same as science?
What good is probability for life-permitting universes?
Did we invent God in order to be special?
On the God of the Gaps
William Lane Craig on Ayn Rand's Objectivism
Aren't Christians motivated by fear of hell?
Is morality purely conditional?
Is moral relativism livable?
Atheism and Nihilism
How do you know objective morality is based on God?
What good is morality in light of immortality?
Was Adolf Hitler a Christian?
Debating the Resurrection of Jesus: William Lane Craig vs Peter Atkins
New Testament Scholarship on Jesus' existence
Do Scholars and Historians think Jesus never existed?
Were the New Testament translations corrupted?
How can God turn into a human if He's God?!
Just how human was Jesus? Wasn't He suppose to be omniscient?
Can science determine moral and ethical values?
The crank exegesis of Richard Carrier
Why can't God give us miracles today so we'd know He exists?
Richard Dawkins is not a philosopher
Aren't we all atheists?
Belief in God and the Genetic Fallacy
Does science prove everything?
On the problem of induction
The Contingency Argument for God's Existence: by William Lane Craig
Richard Dawkins commits the genetic fallacy
Can atheists trust their own minds?
Explanations and the Problem of Infinite Regresses
Are animals moral beings?
How Richard Dawkins Destroys Science
Richard Dawkins on the Moral Argument for God: by William Lane Craig
Richard Dawkins on the Ontological Argument: by William Lane Craig
Can atheists give an argument against God?
Irrational Youtube Users on the Cosmological Argument ("Isn't it true that nothing began to exist?")
The Second Law of Thermodynamics and the Finite Universe
Properly Basic Belief and Other Religions
Evil Proves God's Existence
Name a moral action a Christian committed that an atheist can't!
What is a Properly Basic Belief?
The Intellectual and Emotional Probelms of Suffering
The Burden of Proof on Atheists concerning Evil, Suffering, and God
The Logical and Evidential Problems of Suffering
The Logical Problem of Suffering ("How can God allow suffering?")
The Emotional Problem of Suffering
Verification Theory of Meaning (Is God-Talk Meaningful?)
William Lane Craig pwns Richard Dawkins
What About Pre-Existing Matter?
Do Miracles Violate the Laws of Nature?
Is God Theoretically Falsifiable?
Is the statement "God does not exist" a universal claim?
Naturalism Requires Faith
We're all atheists, I just deny one more God than you do!
Since Religion Is So Bad for Society, God Cannot Exist!
Since it took so long for man to evolve, there is no need for God!
Saying God is the Explanation Doesn't Explain Anything
Quantum Gravity Model
The Cyclic Ekpyrotic Model
The Chaotic Inflationary Model
Never Give Up!
Is Sam Harris a Philosopher?
Steady State Model
Oscillating Models
Vacuum Fluctuation Models
Richard Dawkins: Embarrassingly Bad Thinker, Incredibly Ignorant
Are God's Moral Commands Arbitrary?
How Can an Eternal God Create a Temporal Effect?
How Do You Know the Cause of the Universe is God?
Why Couldn't the Universe Just Create Itself?
Caricaturing Intelligent Design
What Mechanism Do Intelligent Design Proponents Propose?
The Sloppy Scholarship of Intelligent Design Critics
William Lane Craig's View on Intelligent Design
On Guard by William Lane Craig
Richard Dawkins' Confusion About the Multiverse
Richard Dawkins' Ignorance of the Oscillating Universe
Richard Dawkins' Understatement on Lee Smolin's Black Holes
William Lane Craig on Information Overload
Atheism and the Answer to Slavery, Child Abuse, Genocide, Molestation, Murder, Rape, etc.
The Ontological Argument
Explaining Premises of the Ontological Argument
Good Arguments Against Bad Arguments On Good Arguments
The Ontological Argument and Gaunilo's Island
The Ontological Argument and Objective Morality
What About Evil and Multiverses in Context of the Ontological Argument?
Answering Irrational Youtube Users on The Cosmological Argument
Is It Fair to Use Uncountable Infinites for the Cosmological Argument?
Eating Victor Stenger's Ontological Pizza
The Cosmological, Ontological, and Teleological Arguments Don't Prove the God of the Bible!
Is Causality a Temporal Relationship?
The Universe Just Is! It Needs No Explanation!
The Universe Exists by the Necessity of Its own Nature!
On Young Earth Creationism and Animal Death
Does Evolution Disprove Christianity?
The Triumph of Michael Behe (and "Most Evolutionists are Theists!")
If God Exists, Then Objective Morality Cannot Exist!
What about the Oscillating Universe?
Some Atheists Are Just Not Open To The Truth
The First Law of Thermodynamics vs The Cosmological Argument
Do Extraordinary Events Require Extraordinary Evidence?
William Lane Craig's Short Testimony
The Borde Guth Vilenkin Theorem
Is the Cosmological Argument Guilty of Equivocation?
Is the Cosmological Argument Guilty of Composition?
The Kalam Cosmological Argument and Infinite Succession
Did William Lane Craig Misuse Stephen Hawking on the Singularity?
The Hype Over Stephen Hawking's "The Grand Design"
Lawrence Krauss On Creation Out Of Nothing
There's Something About Peter Atkins' Nothing
Why William Lane Craig is a Christian
Is Bart Ehrman a Historian?
The Sloppiness of Bart Ehrman (1 of 2)
The Sloppiness of Bart Ehrman (2 of 2)
The Kalam Cosmological Argument vs The Multiverse
Does the Cosmological Argument Beg the Question?
The Kalam Cosmological Argument and Sentient Causes
The Wit of Dr. Craig - Part 21 "Bart Ehrman's Blasphemy on Jesus' 'Blasphemy'"
The Wit of Dr. Craig - Part 22 "The Repetitive Atheist"
Jerry Coyne on Faith and Religion
'Set Forth Your Case' Apologetics Conference (Nov. 18-20, 2010)
William Lane Craig on John Dominic Crossan
How Seriously Do Scholars Take The Jesus Seminar?'
Did God Create From Nothing? (1 of 3) (William Lane Craig)
Is God Temporal or Timeless? (Part 2 of 2) (William Lane Craig)
Saskatoon Christian Interview with William Lane Craig and Michael Horner

WLC vs Frank Zindler
WLC vs Peter Slezak
WLC vs Shelly Kagan
WLC vs Hector Avalos
WLC vs Victor Stengler
WLC vs Eddie Tabash
WLC vs Louise Antony
WLC and Alvin Plantinga vs Quentin Smith and Richard Gale
WLC vs Garrett Hardin
WLC vs Francisco Ayala
WLC vs Marcus Borg
WLC vs Richard Carrier
WLC and Ravi Zacharias vs Bernard Leikind and Jitendra Mohanty
WLC vs Gerd Ludemann
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7 Reasons God Exists and 3 Reasons It Makes a Difference
Absurdity of Life Without God
Absurdity of Life Without God (interview)
Big Bang, Multiverse, and The Anthropic Principle
Can We Be Good Without God? 
Do All Roads Lead to God?
Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus
Grand Design: A Critique of Stephen Hawking's book
Hiddenness of God
How Did the Universe Begin? - Good Intro. on the Kalam Cosmological Argument
How Do I know Christianity Is True?
Kalam Cosmological Argument: A Philosophical Justification
Leibnizian Cosmological Argument
New Atheist Arguments Against God's Existence Refuted
On Christopher Hitchens
On Richard Carrier
On Bart Ehrman
Problem of Pain
Reasons to Believe We Have a Reasonable Faith (interview)
Richard Dawkins on the Cosmological Argument
Richard Dawkins on the Teleological Argument
Richard Dawkins' Central Argument Refuted
Should We Only Believe What Can Be Scientifically Proven?
Vision in Life
Who Was Jesus, Really?
William Lane Craig on Jesus' Resurrection
William Lane Craig on The God Delusion

Webseries and Clips:

Defending the Cosmological Argument
Defending the Ontological Argument
The Definition of Atheism and the Burden of Proof
The Wit of Dr. Craig - a site favorite!
Richard Dawkins and Religious Child Abuse

Answering Critics:

Attacking William Lane Craig
- It's sad what pitiful lengths people will go to, to discredit Dr. Craig.

Good Arguments Against Bad Arguments On Good Arguments
- Sadly many youtube atheists* aren't familiar with what constitutes a good argument in philosophy.

Answering Irrational Youtube Users on The Cosmological Argument 
- Practically every single argument made by atheists against the cosmological argument in the youtube world can be found here (this might be helpful too).

The First Law of Thermodynamics vs The Cosmological Argument
- Many youtube atheists actually think the Law of Conservation of Energy argues for an infinite regress of existence of matter (no joke)!

Does William Lane Craig equivocate in the Cosmological Argument?
- Yet another popular but embarrassingly bad argument against WLC and the Kalam Cosmological argument. Also see this and this.

William Lane Craig thinks Arguments and Evidence are unimportant? (Properly Basic Belief and Other Religions)
- Far too many youtube atheists are not familiar with PBB and the nature of evidence (despite this being a well known dictum in philosophy). This might help.

Richard Dawkins and Child Abuse
- Was Dr. Craig wrong when he claimed that Dawkins wanted the state to take children away from religious parents?

Richard Dawkins Cowers Away from William Lane Craig
- Dawkins tries to use lame excuses to dodge a debate with Dr. Craig. Also see this.

William Lane Craig is Not a Creationist 
- Dr. Craig has said many times that he's between a theistic evolutionist and progressive creationist.

Did William Lane Craig Misuse Stephen Hawking on the Singularity?
- A response to Vic Stenger.


* - There's a lot of incredibly shallow responses out there in the youtube world against William Lane Craig's arguments made by impressionable and sophomoric atheists. In fact, I'm willing to bet 99% of youtube atheists and skeptics are not trained thinkers in philosophy, history, religion, or science.